Ellipsis Streamers

Ellipsis Streamers
  • Alluzio

    Sherry Austen

    Hiya! I'm Sherry also known as Alluzio. I am a 19 year old wanting to push streaming to a whhole new level! I like to model in my spare time and if when I'm not behind the camera or my computer screen you'll probably find me playing Call Of Duty, League Of Legends or some other fun game! Gimme a follow if you wanna tune in. Speak Soon! xoxoxoxo...Read More

  • Winky_Gaming

    Dale Morton

    Howdee, my name is Dale and im 20 years old im kind of a random guy who loves to have a laugh and take the peepee out of most things i do. You can call me WINKY or Dale, whichever you prefer...... Ive been playing games my whole life and just recently started streaming. I stream most games and stream pretty much 5-7 days a week. Games i stream - - DayZ - Arma 3 - FIFA 15 - Battlefield Hardline - Battlefield 4 - Project Cars - Dying Light and many more If you wanna come check out my channel then copy&paste this link.... www.twitch.tv/winkygaming Pop in say hi and go bye :D...Read More

  • Theta


    ...Read More

  • DiabeticDonut


    Hey guys whats going on, My name is Chris or as my online friends like to call me TheDiabeticDonut.  I am a twitch Streamer at Twitch.tv/thediabeticdonut. i stream all types of games from, BETAs to COD to Minecraft ANYTHING, I am truley happy to be working for Ellipsis and i hope me and you guys reading this can work together to create an AWESOME bond . :)  SO click the link, sit back and watch me SHREK NOOBS  My username is wrong but it wont let me write TheDiabeticDonut hahaa LOL :) well SEE YAA...Read More