Ellipsis Smite NA

Ellipsis Smite NA
  • Shadowolfie

    Quentin Repka

    My name is Quentin Repka (IGN Shadowolfie) and I aspire to be a professional Smite player. My desire is to be able to play Smite (and stream, Twitch.tv/shadowolf5x3 #Follow&Donate) for a living. Oh yeah, and I play solo lane....Read More

  • Hikoumari

    Matthew Tyler

    Hi my name is Matthew Tyler, IGN: Hikoumari     I love playing mages in every game I have ever been a part of, this led me to my home in the Mid Role.   My goals are to play Smite in the highest levels of competitive possible. I want to make Smite my full time career, and as soon as I get a better computer, I will start streaming as well. ...Read More

  • SpuriousSpunk

    Carlo Gonzalez

    I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and started my competitive video game career with Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I was primarily a console gamer, Xbox, until we got a new PC IN 2012. I  found SMITE, built my own PC to play it, and the rest is history....Read More

  • YoureNobody

    how do I start these dating profiles? Oops wrong site. Hi, you can call me David, live to sit in mid and help my mids potatoe farm of an Internet from not dying. Been playing smite for 2+ years and have grown as a player immensely. I want to be the very best, that no one ever was. Want to grow as a team and play the highest level of competition. Jungle and feed every other game :D...Read More