Topic How Can I Make My Penis Bigger? Learn the Secrets Now

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 10:04am

    Penis Enlargement Surgery

    I really am not a fan and I hope I am not overly biased! The maximum gain in size you can expect from virility-ex  surgery is usually about 0.5-1 inches. The suspensory ligament with runs along the top of your penis and attaches it to the body is severed. This will allow the penis to "drop down" and eventually make your penis bigger.

    Surgery will cost in the region of $5000 and unfortunately is not the end of it. In order to make your penis bigger after surgery, you will be required to routinely hang weights off your manhood. If you fail to this, you will fail to enlarge your penis.

    Additionally the dangers of surgery are well documented. There is an extremely high risk of erectile dysfunction. Many guys end up with deformed looking penises after surgery and worst of all you could actually end up with a smaller penis! If scar tissue forms on the suspensory ligament following surgery, the penis can retract further into the body, thus giving you a smaller member!





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